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Hi there!

Working as a real estate agent in the Outaouais region, I'm able to celebrate my love of people, nature, community, and home. I am guided by ethics, celebrate inclusion, and provide dedicated support to my clients. 

I grew up in Ottawa and spent much of my youth playing, cottaging, hiking, and skiing in the Outaouais area before venturing off for travel, school, and work. When it came time to seriously think about a forever home, the Hills called me back. My husband and I first moved from Ottawa to Chelsea and later settled with our daughter in the amazing village of Wakefield. Nestled between the Gatineau River and Gatineau Park, the village is a true celebration of community, and we couldn’t be more at home. 


My professional background is diverse. I spent almost a decade at a federal public sector union working to change and support people's lives at work. This role allowed me to put into action my devotion to employee advocacy. Prior to that I was in HR research and I focused on the impact of change and conflict, and how these two elements impact work culture and motivation. I quickly learned the importance of empathy and communication. 

My credentials include the following:

  • MBA in Change Management (Carleton University)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Labour Relations (McGill University)

  • Certificate in Mediation from the Open College Network (London, UK)


I have always been interested in architecture and design (with strong family roots in both areas) and quickly realized that my professional skills and personal passions married quite well in real estate.

So, I took a leap of faith and have never looked back! 

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